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athlete subscription

Access to our "Foundation" daily programming. No gimmicks, no bullshit, only good training. Money back guarantee if you're not satisfied.

The Athlete Subscription gives you access to all the LOD Athlete daily programming, updated weekly via a easily downloadable/printable PDF file. No pain-in-the-ass apps - just a simple login and you've got access to your training. Additional event, fitness goal, and sport specific training program will become available in the coming weeks. 

LOD Athlete daily programming uses tried and true periodized and progression based programming methods we've employed with athletes ranging from soldiers to Olympians to weekend warriors.

Simply login via the "LOG IN / SIGN UP" button on the bottom right for desktops, or the bar across the bottom for mobile devices.

All exercises are hyperlinked to video instructions for 

This stuff works - or get your money back.  The subscription comes with a 30 day guarantee - if you don't like it, let us know for your money back. 

Sign up now for $19/mo. No contracts, no bullshit. Cancel anytime.