J Dilla - Work Capacity


J Dilla - Work Capacity


  • Work Capacity Primary Focus

  • Strength Maintenance Secondary Focus

  • Trunk Strength Tertiary Focus

The focus of this cycle is to develop our ability to increase our capacity to move our body and/or an external load during multiple short duration, high intensity efforts with minimal rest periods. There will be two separate work capacity assessments throughout this 7-week cycle to determine your starting level of fitness, and track increases as we re-assess during the middle and end of the program. 

The first assessment will be a Burpee Beep Ladder, which requires you to conduct a established number of burpees per minute, with the number increasing each minute. This is a quick and brutal assessment. The second assessment in Week 4 is a weighted jumping lunge + shuttle assessment that will test your ability to recover quickly from a demanding combination. 

The assessed exercises will be embedded into the work capacity training, with multiple 5 minute parts and 2-3 minute rest periods between the parts. Go hard on these short but challenging days. 

The strength component of this cycle will assess the Curtis P, Front Squat, and Military Press. We’ll utilize a Heavy-Moderate-Light loading structure, cycling through the exercises to maintain strength. This method will work on our maximal strength along with muscular endurance - don’t sleep on these strength days… they’re tough. 

Additionally, we’ll train Trunk Strength via 15-20 minute circuits on Work Capacity Days utilizing Rotational, Anti-Rotational, Total Body, and Back Extension exercises to develop a rock solid core. 

Weekly Break Down

Monday: Work Capacity + Trunk Strength

Tuesday: Strength

Wednesday: Work Capacity + Trunk Strength

Thursday: Strength

Friday: Work Capacity + Trunk Strength

Quick FAQ’s

  • All exercises are linked to demo videos. Click and watch if you’re unfamiliar. 

  • Equipment: This is a gym plan. You’ll need access to a squat racks, bumper plates, barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, etc. 

  • No true substitute for a sandbag get up. Find a old duffel bag and fill it with rubber mulch or a filler of your choosing. 

As always, feel free to contact me with any questions - coach@lodathlete.com

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