Gym Rat Marathon to 50k Race


Gym Rat Marathon to 50k Race


Marathon to 50k for Gym Rat

This 7 week cycle is for the gym rats and meatheads who get a hair up their ass and decide to run in a very, very long race. It’s modeled around the total race mileage, initially spread across a training week and increases in single day mileage on the long day (Saturday), while reducing the mileage on the other training days. The assumption is that you have some kind of base of training in running. This program is not appropriate for you if it’s the first time you’ve run in some time. 

In addition, we’ll maintain a basic level of strength with barbell work and pulling strength, as well as body movements which emphasize eccentric muscle contractions. This will prepare your knees, ankles, and posterior chain for the demands of running, especially downhill. 

The cycle utilizes zone running, which is utilizes a percentage of your Max Heart Rate (Max HR) to dictate pace. You can either use a HR monitor/fitbit, or don’t bother and follow the guidance in the program.

Weekly Break Down

  • Mon: Basic Strength + Short Distance Run

  • Tues: Moderate to Long Distance Run

  • Wed: Bodyweight Lower Body Strength + Moderate Distance Run

  • Thurs: Total Rest

  • Fri: Long Distance Run 

  • Sat: Moderate Distance Run

  • Sun: Total Rest

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