Ashy to Classy - Work Capacity Focus + Strength & Aerobic Maintenance

Ashy to Classy - Work Capacity Focus + Strength & Aerobic Maintenance


‘Ashy to Classy’ focus is on developing moderate duration work capacity with selected movements which will be assessed and reassessed for measurable improvement. We’ll improve this by utilizing short, interval and density based training with multi-mode gym based training. The primary focus in the first three weeks of the cycle will be focused on 25m shuttle runs with our 60/60 assessment. The following three weeks will focus on a classic - the 10 minute sandbag get up assessment. These exercises will be included in some form for a focused, measurable gain in fitness. These are high intensity efforts - they will burn.

The strength component of this cycle will utilize the Power Clean + Push Press and Deadlift in a density format. The lifts are percentage based from 65-80% of your 3RM assessed in the beginning of the cycle. The weights will be lighter, but the density format decreases the amount of rest. This structure has shown to have a positive effect on anaerobic work capacity as well as increase strength gains. 

We’ll also pair Trunk Strength and some very light endurance work. The chassis is your abdominal structure and, low back, which we aim to make bullet proof for athletic and life endeavors. The endurance work ranges from 20-30 minutes. It doesn’t matter if you run, bike, row, whatever - we just want to maintain your aerobic capacity. It serves as the dual purpose of cooling you down after the intense work capacity efforts.

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