Gorilla Size


Gorilla Size


Cycle Overview:

Gorilla Size is a 4-week training program with the sole focus of increasing muscular size. Meatheads rejoice - this one is for you. You’ll train 4x days/week, with a optional aerobic, lower intensity conditioning effort. 

The program is broken down into two lower body training days, further broken down into a knee driven movement day, and a hip hinge driven movement day. Be warned, you may be walking like a baby giraffe if you’re hitting it hard.

The other two training days focus on vertical and horizontal upper body push & pull exercises to develop the chest, shoulders, and back. In addition, each training day utilizes high rep efforts for growth-stubborn muscle groups like the calves and arms to look beastly when shorts and tank top season comes around.

Week 1 will establish your working weight, which will remain constant throughout the cycle as we continuously increase reps each week. We work solely in the hypertrophy repetition range to elicit the best response for growth and #gainz. 

If your feeling frisky, you can repeat this cycle multiple times as long as you reset the reps back to Week 1 when you restart. Looking to add some strength to all of that size? Move on to “Gorilla Strength” next. Enjoy!

Weekly Break Down:

  • Monday: Lower Body Knee Driven 

  • Tuesday: Upper Body Push & Pull / Short Conditioning

  • Wednesday: Optional Aerobic Conditioning

  • Thursday: Lower Body Hinge Driven

  • Friday: Upper Body Push/Pull / Short Conditioning

Quick FAQ’s

  • If you’re in a position that requires you maintain endurance, add in a 45-75 minute endurance session on Saturday. Run, hike, swim, bike… whatever. 

  • All exercises are linked to demo videos. Click and watch if you’re unfamiliar. 

  • Equipment: This is a gym plan. You’ll need access to a squat racks, bumper plates, barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, etc. 

  • AHAP = As Heavy As Possible

As always, feel free to email me at coach@lodathlete.com with any questions.

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