Cycle Overview: Triphasic Strength



Cycle Overview:

This ten week, 5x/week cycle will focus on developing strength utilizing a strength progression based on the research of collegiate strength and conditioning coach, Cal Dietz. This cycle is broken into three separate training blocks, each focusing on a specific type of muscle contraction.

Block 1 focuses on eccentric muscle contractions, with a specifically timed slow descent during the lift, followed by explosively coming out of the bottom of the lift.

Block 2 focuses on the isometric muscle contractions, holding at the bottom of the lift for a specific amount of time before lifting the weight back up.

Block 3 focuses on concentric movements, which is the ‘traditional’ style of lifting where you descend normally and come out of the bottom of the lift rapidly with no pause. Sounds complicated? It’s not – the programming breaks it all down for you.

The cycle will assess your strength via a 1RM Hang Squat Clean, 3RM Back Squat, and 3RM Bench Press. You will assess once at the beginning of the cycle, and at the very end. We will focus on strength 3x/week, as well as 1x work capacity efforts and 1x aerobic endurance/trunk strength effort to keep your conditioning in check. This will be a challenging cycle, and it relies on following a set of protocols outlined below to maximize the work. Don’t go full meathead Week 1 - follow the training techniques below and you’ll see outstanding results, no matter your lifting experience

  • Be Smart on Your Assessment

Your reps on the strength assessments should be damn near perfect. No starfishing on the cleans, no bent back on the squats, no back arch on the bench. Strong, solid, perfect reps!

  • Eccentric, Isometric, Concentric

If you don’t quite understand what this stuff means, CLICK HERE to watch a video on these three types of muscle contractions. The eccentric & isometric lifts are especially demanding – always use a spotter!!

  • Sets/Reps & Prescribed Loading

The sets/reps prescribed are at your working load. Take as rounds as needed to work up to that load, and then complete the programming. 

  • Failing Reps & Resets

If you complete all sets and reps as prescribed, continue following the prescribed progression on the next session. If you fail on 1-2 reps of the total prescribed, use that same load for the next session.  

  • Does Your Hang Squat Clean Suck?

If you’re not confident in performing a Hang Squat Clean, I want you to do Hang Power Clean’s instead. Don’t worry - you’re not missing… as you’ll still generate the same amount (or more) of power per lift with a Hang Power Clean. 

Weekly Break Down:

  • Mon: Strength 

  • Tues: Aerobic + Trunk Strength

  • Wed: Strength

  • Thurs: Work Capacity + Trunk Strength

  • Fri: Strength 

Quick FAQ’s

  • All exercises are linked to demo videos. Click and watch if you’re unfamiliar. 

  • Equipment: This is a gym plan. You’ll need access to a squat racks, bumper plates, barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, etc. 

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