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Getting Closer... Inch by Inch


Alright folks - we're making progress. I'm currently in the lease negotiation phase with a landlord for a  warehouse space in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. It's a more of a process than I originally expected, but then again I have no experience whatsoever with commercial real estate. 

Regardless, unless something goes terribly wrong, I should be signing a lease here in the next week or so. Exciting stuff.

I really like the space - it's small but shaped nicely for orchestrating and coaching an efficient class. It's also going to be a sweatbox, so you can sweat out those six IPA's with hints of mahogany or whatever they are supposed to taste like. Don't worry, we'll have fans for the primadonnas. 

We're keeping it simple on the equipment side... stand-alone squat racks rated to 1000lbs, dumbbells up to 100lbs, kettlebells, iron and bumpers, pull-ups bars, tires, and obviously a couple shake-weights for the military fellas who are preparing for deployment.

I have no intention to buy rowers but might look into a cheap assault bike as a substitute exercise for athletes who are banged up. Got a line on a used one? Let me know. 

Opening date is tentatively planned for April 16. If we're able to hit that timeline, then we'll have a BBQ for anyone interested the Saturday or Sunday before. 

Got someone in the Charleston area who might be into assessment based, periodized programming that'll develop athletic performance, deadlift more, and make you look better naked? Send them my way.

For those of you down here in the low country, Look for pre-registration sign-ups to hit in mid-March.

Untitled design.jpg

Sign up early and you'll get a $free.99 t-shirt with this stud on the back, as well as your name as an official LOD OG (that means original gangster if you've never listened to early 90's rap before).

Online Programming

If you're following LOD and live elsewhere, this is for you. I'm currently building out the store to offer Line of Departure online programming via an affordable subscription. If I can figure it out, we'll have a tiered system where you have the option of... 

  • Daily Programming - the same programming we're doing at the gym. I already have built out to a year's worth of programming, cycling through strength development, power development, work capacity, and aerobic endurance.
  • Individual Plan Sales - Focused programming on physical endeavors or traits, if you know what you want to work on.
  • A combo where you get access to everything

Want a sweet t-shirt too? The first 20 folks to sign up for a multi-month subscription will get one. 

The takeaways

  1. The gym will be in Mt Pleasant, South Carolina. 10 minutes to the beach and 15 minutes from downtown Charleston.
  2. The target date for opening is April 16th.
  3. Online programming will be available soon
  4. You'll be able to pre-register 
  5. It's going to be awesome

Standby for more updates!