Gym Updates


Gym Space Secured!

Happy to announce that the lease has been signed for the LOD Athlete gym. The location is right off Highway 17 (2357 North Hwy 17). Fifteen minutes from downtown Charleston, less than ten minutes to the beach, and five minutes from the 526,  it's an easily accessible location for everyone. 


We have some updates to do on the space. A small office, a bunch of whiteboards added to the walls, a mural of Arnold fighting the Predator (got an artsy friend? send them my way). The bathroom/changing room is upstairs in a shared space with other tenants. We're investigating a way to build out a shower, more to follow on that. 

The space itself is 1,000 sqft. This is on the smaller end, which I strongly believe will be a huge benefit. It will limit class size to a max of 9 athletes, which will allow for greater attention and focus to each individual. You won't get lost in the mix of 20-25 other folks in one of these classes. 

Equipment will be delivered and pieced together starting April 1, with a tentative opening date of April 16.  Standby for updates as we get that confirmed, and the date of a friends and family BBQ at the gym (tentatively planned for Sunday, April 15. Get your taxes done early and come out). 

What's Next:

1. Schwag - We have a few sample t-shirts designs on the way. As long as they pass 'won't chafe the nips during training and biceps look awesome' test, they'll be posted for sale on the website. Look for these in the next 1-2 weeks.

2. Pre-Registration - All ready to get signed up? We'll have a pre-registration sign up in the next few weeks.

3. Online Programming - It's coming. Working through the kinks of different delivery methods and finishing up some programming. Initially, all plans will be for sale individually, with a subscriber option to follow soon. 

More to follow soon! Questions? Email