Core Values, Mission, and the Space Monkey

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Line of Departure needed a mascot. An image or persona that captured the essence of the company. I wasn't sure where to start, but it had to properly represent what we're all about.

First, let me explain what this experiment at LOD Athlete is.

Core Values

  • Quality over Quantity - I could write 30 mediocre programs in the next 30 days, or I could write 3 excellent ones. We could do 300 deadlifts with poor form, or 10x with excellent form and the proper levels of intensity. We could have a gym focused on growing to 200 athletes as quickly as possible, or have 50 well trained and well-coached athletes. We'll always pick quality over quantity. 

  • Objective/Goal Based Programming - Every cycle of programming we will design will have a clear purpose. Nothing is random, or constantly varied. Our base fitness programming will have a specified fitness objective which we aim to improve. This will be clearly and succinctly explained to the athlete, whose buy-in is critical to their own improvement and to the improvement of LOD Athlete. 

  • Intensity with a Laugh - Training in the gym should be focused and intense, but it should also be fun. The ability to physically train is a luxury, not a right, that you have prioritized for your own health. Show up ready to train with the attitude, but each session should end in a laugh with like-minded people around you. If you're not enjoying it, then we're not doing it right. 

  • Constant Reevaluation - Every program will be evaluated before, during, and after implementation with athletes. Is it working? Great. Does it need improvement? Let's humble ourselves and fix it. Does it suck? Scrap it and start again. The same goes for coaching - I personally need to step back and establish the self-awareness to see where I need to improve. Anyone who coach's with me will be held to the same standard. 

  • Continued Learning - Read, learn, test, and improve every day. No excuses. 

The Mission Statement. 

Goal driven, performance-based fitness programming and knowledge for those who rely on their body for profession, athletic pursuits, and the pursuit of health. 

The professionals are those who earn a paycheck to serve and/or protect the community or nation. Military, Law Enforcement, Fire/Rescue.

This is a selfish mission - I want the Paramedic to be capable of carrying me down several flights of stairs if I knock my head unconscious. I want the Police Officer to be able to detain a hostile suspect with ease. I want the soldier to be the deadliest and most resilient son-of-a-bitch on the battlefield.  This all starts with the foundation of fitness. 

Those who train for athletic pursuit and defined objectives may sound nebulous, but it's not. The fitness world is seeing an evolution in which people desire to put their hard-earned gym fitness into action. We will encourage athletes to compete. This could be gym-driven competition... Powerlifting/Weightlifting, Crossfit competitions, etc. It could be outdoor pursuits... kiteboarding, mountain biking, climbing, combat sports, shooting matches, etc.

This might seem like a poor business choice - you're telling people to get away from your gym to do something else?

Yup. I'm confident through my experiences in coaching and competing in sports and military that you'll find the strength and conditioning as the foundation of any athletic pursuit. 

Finally - those in the pursuit of health. This is all of us. You could be overweight by 100 lbs. or looking to regain the energy to play with your kids. The overarching theme is that we want you to have a long, healthy, and successful journey through our lives. The foundation of fitness can help get you there.

Line of Departure Athlete and The Space Monkey

The Line of Departure is a military term that that represents the line in the sand between enemy territory and friendly territory. 

The strength and conditioning world is 80% shit. High-end marketing to convince you the latest fad is the sure thing to a 6-pack.

The Line of Departure name is meant to represent crossing the line from the aforementioned shit to the other 20% of science-backed, tried and true methods for developing health, fitness, and performance.

I meandered through hundreds of images, looking for something that captures the essence of the core values, mission, and name.

I came upon the Space Monkey. 

The Space Monkey's were the first to be rocketed past the atmosphere into space in preparation for their human cousin explorers. They told those on the ground that it would be safe for their human counterparts. 

Little dude getting ready for space adventure. 

Little dude getting ready for space adventure. 

Line of Departure Athlete's have a similar agenda. Testing the tried and true methods of strength and conditioning, and leaving the bullshit behind. Increasing their own fitness in measurable ways, and sharing it with others. Making themselves stronger, faster, more resilient, and more efficient for any and all demands. 

Also... just look at him. Equal doses of badass and adorable. 

I can't say how pumped I am to start this off. Hope you will join me for the ride.