Charleston Gym and Online Programming Coming Soon!

*1912 lifter with cool mustache not included

*1912 lifter with cool mustache not included

What's happening, everyone! I'm happy to announce that the framework for the Line of Departure gym is in the works for anyone looking to take their training to the graduate level in the Charleston, SC area. 

Don't live in Charleston? Fret not. We'll soon be offering online programming via a simple PDF download. No annoying apps to mess around with - just click and print. 

See below for what we'll be offering for on-site training as well as online training. Stay posted for more updates on location, opening dates, and deals for those who are interested in pre-registering. 

Line of Departure Athlete - Charleston, SC Gym

  • Foundation Small Group Training - Nothing will make you step up to the plate more than hammering away with other athletes in a grueling session. Our classes have a have a cyclic emphasis on developing strength, power, conditioning, speed, and agility. These training sessions are appropriate for anyone who walks through our doors, from triathletes to police officers to professional mom's. This is where we build the foundation of fitness and performance to make you resilient to whatever life might throw at you
  • 24/7 Access - Athletes have different training and programming needs. If you're training for a particular endeavor and have your own programming, sign up for our 24 hour gym access plan. A key fob or smartphone app will give you access to the gym whenever you want to sling weights around.
  • One on One Coaching - Not down with the group training scene? Looking for very specific results? Want to build up your fitness before joining the crew? Then private coaching may be a good fit. During these sessions, a coach will design an appropriate program to meet your needs/goals and coach you through them.
  • Custom Programming - Have a specific event you need to train up for? We will craft you a sport/goal specific training program based on your needs and deliver it in an easy to read digital format. 

Line of Departure Athlete - Online Programming

  • Athlete Subscription - Access to 100% of our individual plan programming + year-round daily foundation programming. No gimmicks, no bullshit, only good training. LOD Athlete daily programming uses tried and true periodized and progression based programming methods we've employed with athletes ranging from Olympians to Special Operations soldiers. This stuff works - or get your money back
  • Sport Specific Plans - Training for an Obstacle Course Race? Off-season triathlete? Surf/kiteboarding trip coming up? Want to develop strength, power, and speed to wreck your local flag football league? We got you. Our 6-10 week plans take you through the journey of improving performance and fitness to excel at your sport or profession.
  • Individual Programming - Have a specific goal or event you're training for? We'll create a custom program for you to knock out with bi-weekly check in's to assess your progression and adjust as needed. 

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