Nutrition Coaching - What is it and why should you consider it?

What Is a Nutrition Coach? 
By Coach Kellie Rongo

When it comes down to it, a nutrition coach is someone who teaches you how and why to fuel your body well which will lead you to feeling, looking, operating, and performing better in your every day life. My purpose is to make a meaningful, positive difference in your life through nutrition. 

I struggled with that title at first- only because the first thing you’d think about is the D word… Diet… *barf*. Who the hell wants to be on one of those?

A lot of people may think of a nutrition coach as a coach for bodybuilders cutting for a show or maybe a coach for someone who is sick in some way and has to follow a strict diet. Or, they just think of the word diet and assume it’s not an option for them.

But me? I’m really none of the above. I want to work with everyone outside of those categories. I want to be a coach for someone that just simply needs a plan to follow, just like we need a plan to follow for training at the gym. You could be a 60 year old woman that wants to be healthier in order to live longer, you could be a middle aged man that wants to lose some belly fat, or a young lady who has a wedding in the near future. You could even be a young athlete that just wants to perform well at your sport, whatever that may be. Hell, maybe you hate to exercise but you want to be healthy, feel good and look good. And I got you, too.


I noticed right off the bat that there are many different types of clients that want nutrition coaching and the coolest part is that there’s no right or wrong way to do it as long as you guide your client to a better, healthier lifestyle (and get those RESULTS).

I have to adapt to each of my clients individually because every single one of you will adhere to different diets best, learn in different ways, want to eat and drink different things, have different performance and/or body image goals, etc. No one nutrition plan is the same as the other. You are unique; so is your nutrition.

And the same goes for nutrition as for exercise: Find something that works for you that is sustainable and RUN with it! My style of coaching is truly special in the sense that I don’t want to take away everything you love to eat/drink.


I have a questionnaire that I have every client fill out and it includes questions like “What do you enjoy eating? What can you not live without” and the opposite, “What foods do you HATE? What do you refuse to eat?” We all have these things and that’s good! We want to enjoy our food and we really don’t need to eat things we are disgusted by.

I’m human, just like you, and I have quite a few guilty pleasure foods. Ex: I feel like I can not live one day without eating peanut butter. So, guess what? I work it in to my plan and I enjoy every little bit of it. I have one client now that really loves dark chocolate. Can you imagine if I just said “nope, sorry, going to have to cut it out.” That relationship probably would not have lasted very long, and the nutrition plan probably wouldn’t have made it a week. I am a true believer that restricting is not the answer. 

If all of that wasn’t a good enough reason to hire a nutrition coach, maybe these will be…

  1. You don’t have time to think about these things

    Let’s face it, your brain space is taken up by other things. You’re busy with work, school, your kids, getting to the gym, family, trying to get enough sleep, and everything else on your plate. Why not let someone who is trained and experienced get you on the right track?

  2. Save on medical bills

    Seems nuts, but it’s true. A lot of recent research shows that if you have a personal trainer or a nutrition coach, you’ll be healthier. You being healthier = less trips to the doc. Period.

  3. It Feels Good

    I can’t tell you how many of my clients have come to me after a few weeks of following a plan saying how much better they feel and look, how much energy they have, and just how much better their body is operating (they can poop like champs!)

  4. You’ve probably tried other “diets” and failed

    Maybe you succeeded short term then fell off the wagon. A nutrition coach should be setting you up for short term AND long term success.

  5. You’ve seen results from the gym but you know there’s way more where that came from

    Your workouts are only part of it. To get the absolute BEST results, a combo of nutrition and exercise is the way to go.

I could list a lot of other reasons to consider a coach, but I think those are the main ones. Pretty convincing, huh? This whole happiness journey starts with owning your health- an exercise program and a nutrition coach together could certainly get you headed down the right path!

Interested in learning more? Schedule a free Nutrition Consult and talk with Kellie to learn more!