Crossfit Is Great - This is How We're Different


Many of the athletes training here in the gym or via online subscription have done Crossfit in the past or continue to do so today in some capacity. I got my start as an athlete and coach in the world of functional fitness via Crossfit. 

Crossfit has encouraged a wonderful sense of community through the class-based fitness model, where athletes compete and encourage one another through the workout of the day and the fitness journey as a whole. 

Additionally, Crossfit has introduced various walks of life to the barbell. Exercises that were once in the realm of bodybuilders and collegiate athletes are now commonplace. This is especially true for women, where strong is sexy and the #thighgap movement dies a miserable death. 

With that being said, my own fitness journey as an athlete and coach has led me to utilize different methodologies from Crossfit. It's not a bash on Crossfit, it's simply a difference of opinion on how to get stronger, faster, and better looking naked. 

High Return on Investment (ROI) Exercise Selections
Our exercise selection, whether for strength, work capacity, or endurance, is selected on its ability to develop the fitness attribute we're training, the athlete's ability to execute the exercise, and athlete safety. This means that we generally stay away from advanced gymnastics movements, some (but not all) Olympic lifts, and high-rep/high-risk/low return techniques like kipping pull-ups, kipping muscle ups and bouncing box jumps.

Our overarching goal for anyone who trains with us is to get stronger, faster, and better looking naked. I'm confident that this can be achieved without the aforementioned exercises. If you love them, keep on doing them! You just won't find it here. 

Macrocycle Periodization - Everything has Purpose, Nothing is Random
Periodization is simply the long-term planning of a fitness plan. The long-term in our case is one year, with mesocycles of 7 weeks. This means that we know exactly what we'll be doing 6 months from now. The programming is deliberate, not random.

LOD Athlete programming has been written out for one year, rotating efficiently within the macrocycle between work capacity, strength/power, and endurance focus. This style of periodization is heavily influenced by Mountain Tactical Institute's fluid periodization model. It allows athletes to maintain a high state of fitness.

Since the majority of our athletes are not collegiate or professional athletes, they don't need to peak for a season. It allows us to steadily improve performance (and get better looking naked) without a significant drop in any particular fitness attribute. 

Focused Progressions based on assessments in each 7-week cycle
Within each 7-week mesocycle, we'll begin and end with assessments specific to fitness attribute targeted. These assessments provide us measurable and tangible metrics which we can track and improve upon.

This is beneficial for the athlete, as they have a number and/or weight they looking to beat. It's also beneficial for me, as it lets us know if the training and programming are working. If not, I need to adjust. 

Aerobic System Work
Much attention is paid to anaerobic training these days - every boot camp advertises High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) in some form or fashion. If you're out of shape, this will work to a degree... but if you're looking for consistent improvement, the aerobic system must be trained along with anaerobic systems.

Aerobic training allows for an increase in mitochondrial and capillary densities, which enables a more efficient transfer and use of energy. It also serves as an efficient cool down the central nervous system, which is why you'll often see it following strength work. Lastly, rotation of energy systems between aerobic and anaerobic keeps our body guessing for fat loss. 

Anaerobic training is great, but training anaerobic and aerobic is better. 

60 Minutes of Work
If you've come to class here in Charleston, you know that the training sessions are a full 60-minutes of work. No messing around - we're here to train. Bullshitting and beer drinking is encouraged following the training session, not during. 


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