What About Nutrition?

Nutrition is always a saucy topic when it comes to fitness. Undoubtedly, it plays an important role in health and performance.

It has also gone through more fads in the past thirty years than any other subject in the health arena. Research is constantly changing, major food industries have much at stake (and the money to influence research), and individual health gurus swear by the latest trends. Finding your way through the bullshit is tough.

Here's our take:

If you're interested enough in fitness and performance to read this website then you are probably aware of when you are eating like garbage. It's not rocket science. Eliminate the food you know to be junk for six days a week. Soda, candy, donuts, etc.

Eat your vegetables and meat. Drink plenty of water. Fruits are fine. Minimize sugar. Shop on the outside of grocery store - all of the processed stuff resides in the aisles. 

One day a week, eat whatever you want. 

The Law of Not Being 'That Guy'


If you're at a gathering of friends and family, eat what you want. Drink a beer or two. Don't be the weirdo who won't participate in what should be the best parts of life (shared experiences with those you love). 

Some pursuits in athletics or profession require a high level of discipline when it comes to training and nutrition. If you're obese or at risk of giving yourself diabetes, you obviously need to alter your life habits.

For the rest of us - weekend warriors and fitness junkies - relax. Establish your healthy eating habits, but don't let it ruin your life.

I once saw a guy at a BBQ refuse to eat anything because they didn't have lettuce wraps as a substitute for a hamburger bun. Don't be that guy.